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Well…traveling is always a bit exciting for me. It feels amazing to set foot on that car, train or bus, as if escaping the mere world you were fighting for years, not for much time though, but yes…an escape, losing yourself in a world where you are unknown to everyone, and everything is unknown to you. A new path, new temptations, new revelations, new adventures….

It’s been much time since I traveled, but my memory still claims me the gift of glimpses from my visit to Kedarnath and other temples, erected in the heart of famous marvels of the Himalayas.


In India, most of the traveling is done on the basis of worship. Particularly I am from a Brahmin family, but still, I never assumed feeling wrath or gifts of god.So, this trip was just another bore for me, as I had assumed. Little did I knew, that wonders awaited me between those mounts, which high and robust, stood like warriors, surrounded by thick cover of fog, being home to continously flowing, cold (actually very cold) rivers (mainly Ganga).

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Although it felt insulting…doing mistakes was fun…

this one’s mine….

I just wanna ask you one simple…just one simple, but tempting, scratching question…

Do you miss your School Days??

Yes!! I really do…I want them to come back once more. Yeah guys!! Me too, I wanna say out to them loud enough for my own soul to hear–“You were the best part of whatever life I’ve lived, and nothing is more precious than your memories, which give me life everyday, very safe inside my heart…

There’s no way I can get those ravishing marvels back in life, but here’s how I relive them in my creationSchool_Dayswhy don’t you guys join me too…COME ON…grab them tight…hold onto them…and say out aloudI WANT YOU BACK HERE!!

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