Don’t let anyone get bigger than you in your eyes, because bigger particles leave bigger craters behind…

–mine one…


The heartbreak means lights-off, you don’t wanna see anyone, you wanna open up the tear-ink bottle and write down the part you thought was best, and then turn towards the dark…

Into my life…

she came like a drop,

bouncing slowly on my grounds,

she sprinkled;pip-pop.


I sat…

alarmed, surprised,

could fate turn so rapid,

from ashes of demise.


So we listened,

to sorrows and plea,

I gave her space everywhere,

beginning from my dreams.


Messages, chatting,

turning down clocks together,

reasoning for no reason,

searching if and whether.


But then, I realized,

it was me pulling the chariot,

she was just co-operating, sitting by,

smiling at an idiot.


So now I’m ready,

for one last face-off,

cause I’m the one who faces sun,

and then all’s left is lights off…



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