The Burnt Truth…


The motive of a journey is to reach its destination, but have you ever felt the need, that exaggerating, over-tempting feeling to forever remain in a journey, the lust to just lose yourself in the way, let way choose where to go, but never end. To never earn that destination, because it’s just a fog, it’ll give you happiness, but you’ll lose those marvels, those inceptions that let you never even think or dream about the finish line…

It doesn’t matters who reaches the finish line first, what matters, and actually matters the most, is that we, you and me, started together…

–this one’s mine…


I rose from my satisfying sleep,

looking forward to a new day,

rubbing my eyes, dragging them far,

trying to see, across the bay…


I spend days traveling,

searching alone, shards of life,

ignited, burnt, swollen,

relieving heart, with this small bribe…


Some see sun’s light,

some realize it’s heat,

tears get drunk, secrets get swallowed,

on this worldly sheet…


I catch my bag on shoulder,

but I never gaze towards mount’s top,

for journey is what you can feel, you can live,

while destination is yet but a drop...


A bubble, a joke,

a sarcasm on your strife,

when you can’t justify your will,

but hell ya! you see, this is life…


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