Just One Hi…


What is love? I am 17…and I am still searching the answer for the same question. Things have turned out for me in such state that I think I’ve got a micro part of the answer. I met a person, and although I don’t know much about her, her presence in front of my waiting eyes makes me feel life a bit more, or more precisely, I think I feel life only when she is in front of my eyes, it doesn’t matters if it is for a second or two, I live that moment thousand times in my loneliness, dreaming of her being right by my side, her head resting on my shoulder, her fingers curled in mine…

Things had never been good for me, and they became from better to best, when she noticed me, smiled a bit, bit her lower lip, thinking of-course, and unnervingly, threw a ‘Hi’ at me…

It’s been since then, that that moment became the inception of our friendship, and now… I don’t know whether it’s true or just a feeling….Love. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad, it’s gonna end or not, asking me, I never want it to end, but still, I always wanna be with her.

We talk much…about everything-life, music, travels and of course…love. But I never got the chance to tell her what I felt for her when she waved at me for the first time. When things get webbed inside me, they come out in form of poetry…

So here it is, the new part of my collection…

Just One Hi…


I need nothing from you, 

Except just one Hi…

Looking in through my eyes,

So I can never say good-bye.      

     swans_love-wallpaper-2880x1620.jpg                              Just one Hi…

When you see me on roadside or street,

Cause a pinch sense of your presence,

Revives my heartbeat…


I wanna meet you,       

When love drops from sky,

Drop by drop in my drenched heart,

You do identify me, and wave me a Hi…

love_path-wallpaper-2560x1440                                     I sense your presence,

In these petals and leaves,

I smile thinking you,

And forget surrounding griefs…


I want only your hand,        

When everyone left mine,

I just wanna drench in you,

Oh my lovely, flowing shrine…

let_it_rain_3-wallpaper-3840x2160                                                                                                          I saw you that day,

We both were drenched in rain,

I’m still drenched in that moment,

Smiling and thinking in vain…


I wanna rush to you,  

And tell you what says my heart,

That I really love you, O girl!

That I’m the victim of your dart…

two_lovers-wallpaper-5120x2880                                                                                                    That I wanna see in your eyes,

And all life see into them,

I thank destiny everyday,

For in between rocks, I found a gem…


I wanna narrate loudly,      

How only you supported standing by,

I wanna tell people you love me,

That I’m the one you waved that Hi…

love_quote-wallpaper-3840x2160                                     Just one Hi…

So that together we can fly,

Together we can cry,

But never say good-bye…

This season of rain, feel the love…drop by drop…

this one’ mine again…












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